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Our gas qualifications...

Although every gas company needs to be gas Gas Safe registered this does not mean they are qualified to work on every gas appliance.

Different types of appliance, gas meters, and pipework require different qualifications. Although Gas Safe registered working on appliances without the correct qualification is illegal.

STG hold the qualifications listed below so you can be sure the job gets done safely and to the highest standard.


  1. Pipework LAV Caravans LPG (CORE)

  2. Pipework RPH Caravans LPG (CORE)

Combustion Analysis

  1. Combustion Performance Analysis NG

  2. Combustion Performance Analysis LPG


  1. Cookers DOM NG

  2. Cookers DOM LPG


  1. Fires/Space Heaters DOM LPG

  2. Fires/Space Heaters DOM NG

Gas Boiler

  1. Central Heating DOM NG

  2. Central Heating DOM LPG


  1. Meters DOM LPG

  2. Meters DOM NG


  1. Vented Cylinders

  2. Flue Liners

  3. Pipework DOM NG (CORE)

  4. Pipework PD DOM LPG

Range Cooker

  1. Range Cookers/HW Boilers DOM NG

  2. Range Cookers/HW Boilers DOM LPG

Unvented Cylinders

  1. Build Regs- Unvented Hot Water Cylinders G3

Warm Air

  1. Warm Air DOM NG

  2. Warm Air DOM LPG

Water Heater

  1. Water Heaters DOM LPG

  2. Water Heaters DOM NG

Non-domestic area of work:

  1. Air heating

  2. Pipework

  3. Pipework Commissioning

  4. Water CH